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Have you ever asked yourself what really happens when we die or what else exists in the universe? If the answer is yes then you've come to the right place.


East Coast Paranormal Research Organization (ECoPRo)    is a small group that's interested in helping others put explanations to some of these questions. We use knowledge, research, modern equipment, scientific data and a little bit of curiosity to come to substantial conclusions as to what most people may call "Bumps in the Night".


We don't conduct investigations with the intent to prove anything, rather to disprove  and/or point out the obvious and possibly the explainable. We will never try to make anyone believe in anything or give them false information.


ECoPRO will always use the most up to date and ethical practices to find answers to the questions you have.


We start every case with an interview whether by phone or in person with you. Based on the information we receive from you we will determine if we can help you. If we feel we can, you will be required to fill out waivers stating that you've agreed to the paranormal investigation and that we have your permission to do so. Then prior to the investigation we conduct research analysis and collect historical data (deaths, accidents, owners, year built) in relation to the premises (whether it is a personal residence or business) and  surrounding areas.


We will schedule a convenient time and day(s) for our paranormal team to come to you to conduct a full paranormal investigation. Most investigations will last from 4 to 6 hours or more depending on the activity. This includes the equipment setup and tour of the premises.


During the investigation we collect evidence by use of photography, video and audio. You can refer to our "Equiptment" tab located under "Investigations" for a list of equiptment we will use.


When the investigation has ended we take our equipment back to the lab, review the findings and conclude what answers we have found. Within a reasonable amount of time we'll be back in contact with you to inform you of what evidence if any we've collected and offer advice based on those findings.


If we decide that the circumstances and evidence prove to be something beyond our expertise we will put you in contact with the proper channels.







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