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Types of Hauntings

Residual Haunting (Most common)

Think of a residual haunt as a type of recording of an event. It does not neccesarily involve a spirit but rather an energy. The universe is made up of energy. The energy from a traumatic event can sometimes be absorbed by an item or an area that contains certain metalic properties. Just like a tape from a tape recorder these properties store the energy and these moments in time are replayed over and over.

No one knows why this happens or how the energy is triggered.

A residual haunting has no knowledge of your presence and can not interact with you and as a result it will not harm you.

If you are experiencing this type of haunting don't be afraid just be curious.

Intelligent Haunting

Also referred to as an apparition or disembodied spirit, an intelligent haunting is one that is aware of its surroundings and can interact with people and things in the living world.

It is thought to communicate by either talking or moving inanimate objects.

Most intelligent hauntings are a spirit that has once walked the earth as a living creature. They are here of their own free will and are also interacting of their own free will.

In most situations they are not here to harm you but may be trying to get attention to bring a message, help in some way, find something or someone or voice an opinion on something that is happening.




Poltergeist Activity

The word Poltergeist originates from the German language meaning "Noisy Ghost" (poltern - to be noisy + Geist - ghost]. Poltergeist activity is mischievious in nature. Objects move on their own, furniture thrown, sounds of loud knocking on walls or floors,  electrical issues  with lights or appliances, unusual smells and a general feeling of disorder. Poltergeists are believed to not be apparitions or spirits at all but rather psychic manifestations of stress or anxiety, quite often related to a teenager. Poltergeist activity is often attributed to psychokinesis, or the ability to affect physical objects with one’s mind. The bizarre nature of the phenomena, makes the Poltergeist the most baffling  of unexplained mysteries.

Demonic Activity

Demonic Activity is usually rare but it is a serious occurance and you shoud never attempt to rid yourself of a demon without experienced help from a demonologist, priest or clergyman. A demon is described to be an inhuman entity that has never walked the earth. A demon is looking to create fear and misery.  Angry spirits can sometimes be mistaken for demons. Spirits, unlike demons, are beings that once walked the earth and possess the same personality traits that they had while they were alive. If they were a mean or cranky human then they will be a mean and cranky spirit. Demons are the purist form of evil and mean you nothing but harm. We do not have experience with demonic activity but will help you by referring you to the proper experienced individuals.

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