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Is there a charge for your services?

ECoPRO never charges for an investigation. We believe in helping people find answers and understand their situation as well as educate them about the paranormal.


What is a ghost?

Typically ghosts are associated to a past living creature that appears as a spirit.

What is the Paranormal?

Paranormal is a general term used when something falls outside the normal explanation of science. Paranormal activity or phenomenon are occurrences that  happen that can not readily be explained with general scientific knowledge.

Am I expieriencing paranormal activity?

When asking this question you have to refer to the definition of paranormal activity which is "Something that can not be readily explained with the use of scientific knowledge". So if you think you have experienced a situation or event that falls into this definition you may be experiencing paranormal activity.

Is there anything to fear?

People ask this question when they feel they are experiencing something unusual but in most cases there is no need for fear.

Human nature is what leads us to believe that something unknown may harm us but in order to put your mind at ease please refer to the "Knowledge and Information" tab under "Investigations" for explanations of the different types of hauntings that may occur and why.


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